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My ALICE Story
Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed

ALICE represents the men and women of all ages and races who get up each day to go to work, but who aren’t sure if they’ll be able to put dinner on the table each night. They are our child care workers, our mechanics, our home health aides, store clerks and office assistants, etc. – all workers we cannot live without.

In order to provide the media with a compelling pitch around the United Way ALICE Report, it is key to have REAL LIFE ALICEs available who are willing to share their stories about how they struggle to make ends meet. This helps put a face on the facts and statistics in the report as well as highlight the local initiatives United Way of Thurston County strives to tackle and improve.


If you are someone who is working hard but still falling short every month, or has overcome signifcant barriers and is doing well, United Way wants to know YOUR story. Take a moment to share your story as ALICE, and help us help YOU identify not only the local needs, but local SOLUTIONS. Thank you.

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You have the option of including your name. By doing so, you agree to be open about sharing your story with the community and/or media.
Please include all paying jobs you currently hold.
Explain how you qualify as ALICE. What are your struggles? (it can be as long and detailed as you like)
What would it take to overcome the barriers you face and improve the economic situation for your household?
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