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IMPORTANT ALERT: Email phishing scams

United Way of Thurston County has seen an increase in phishing emails internally.
Some of these emails are sophisticated and appear legitimate, so please be aware of certain red flags. First and foremost, no one from United Way will EVER email donors, staff or board members with a request to transfer funds or to ask for banking or financial information. Likewise, you will NEVER receive an urgent request from Chris Wells or anyone in our office for money to be transferred or to purchase gift cards for an event or other need. You will NEVER get an email from Microsoft asking you to click a link to update your credentials or to authenticate your account. We have received a significant number of these emails and have taken steps to reduce them by removing our individual email addresses from our website and by creating a general information email address to display instead.
If you receive an email from our staff that seems odd, or that makes any of these requests, DO NOT reply to the email. Please reach out to us, or take a screenshot and send it to us. NEVER click any links in a suspicious email. These emails are most often phishing scams to get money, or to install malware enabling a scammer to take our data hostage and demand ransom for its return. 

Please let us know if you have any questions!