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#NationalVolunteerWeek Spotlight - Chris and Steve Hall

Happy #NationalVolunteerWeek! Thank you to the incredible volunteers who are making a difference in Thurston County every day. Volunteers such as Chris and Steve Hall.
Chris and Steve have been superstar volunteers at the COVID-19 Vaccination clinics. Chris has volunteered 14 times, and Steve has volunteered 8!
Here's what they had to say about their experience, "What we learned after our first shift was how JOYOUS the experience is. People are so happy! In observation, I (Chris) congratulated, laughed and even cried with people as they shared their emotions about what getting a shot meant for them! Good feelings and a sense of satisfaction are what keeps us going back! We are retired and have time to volunteer. We want to be a part of helping our community with this important effort. The County and United Way staff we work with are awesome and so appreciative of the help of volunteers.”
Thank you, Chris and Steve!