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Sandra Hulteen: Securing the future, one gift at a time

No one knows what the future may hold. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t save and plan for a rainy day. Being a good steward of our time and talents helps provide a buffer against the worrying unknown. At Townsend Security, COO Sandra Hulteen and her team work to protect their customer’s data against breaches and cyber-attacks. But they also focus on giving back. In her own life, Hulteen has been a donor to United Way of Thurston County (UWTC) for many years to help those in need find firm, secure footing in life.

Hulteen first heard about our local United Way when she started with Olympia’s Townsend Security in 2010. She finds UWTC’s mission important because “It supports the local community with active participation and contributions.” With this in mind, she donates both her time and money towards their work.

Having lived in the area for 25 years, Hulteen is firmly invested in our region. “I always believe in helping your community wherever you are and that no matter the form or size, every bit—every vote, every dollar—makes a difference. I'm fond of saying 'if your vote or dollar or kindness doesn't matter, then whose does?’ It is your dollar and your vote that matters because it is equally as important as anyone else's.”

As a CPA and accountant, she knows how to make the most of her gifts and support organizations that will do the same. Hulteen’s financial gifts for UWTC are earmarked “to the organization as a whole, I trust that they have the broad picture to support our community in the best way.” When not working or giving of her time, she enjoys birding, reading, and quilting.

Worldwide, the United Way has a mission which “brings people together to build strong, equitable communities where everyone can thrive. As one of the world's largest privately funded charities, we serve 95% of U.S. communities and 37 countries and territories—making life better for 48 million people every year.”

As Hulteen says, that tremendous success and global footprint comes one dollar at a time. Everyone can do their part because every little bit helps. Monies stay local and are distributed to families all around you. Like Townsend Security, which encourages employees to be active in the communities where they raise their families and matches employee contributions to eligible charitable organizations or educational institutions, UWTC creates lasting change thanks to the generosity of individual, corporate, group, and governmental donors.

If your business needs security help, give Townsend Security a call at 360.359.4400 and the team will walk you through the options. If families in your neighborhood need security, consider volunteering, donating, or increasing your gift to United Way of Thurston County. When we all Live United, we’re able to tackle the future—rain or shine—whatever it may have in store.