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Small businesses play a critical role in maintaining a thriving local economy. Our Small Business Partners are an important, growing family of donors, who are vital to helping us meet the needs of our community. Every month, we will feature a small business partner in this SPOTLIGHT section of the newsletter. Introducing Darlene Morales, Allstate Insurance Exclusive Agent/Personal Financial Representative.

1. Tell us about your business; and what is your business philosophy?

My business is all about protecting people. From their homes, toys, and cars, to their lives.  Insurance is a critical part of the foundation for their financial well being. At my agency, we educate people about insurance so that they understand what their needs are and what they're getting. With this better understanding, they see its tremendous impact and value. We take this responsibility very seriously.

2. Why are you passionate about your commitment to United Way's Community Investment Fund?

I'm very excited about United Way's Community Investment Fund. 

It makes sense to partner locally and join resources to address local issues and needs. 

Working together in this way will allow us to have a more significant and more comprehensive impact. It's the right thing to do.

3. What is something interesting or surprising that most people don't know about you?

I was an award-winning, first chair Violinist in high school. I was also a member of the Tacoma Youth Symphony when I was a senior and had the amazing opportunity to tour with that group to the Festival of Youth Orchestra - a worldwide event, which took place in Scotland!  It was my first time flying on an airplane - a 9-hour flight and a very long time on a bus with 149 other talented students.

4. What would your older self say to your younger self?

My older self would say to my younger self - never stop learning. 

I've enjoyed a couple of wonderful careers and started my agency about 11 years ago. I am still learning and growing every single day.

5. What's your favorite quote?

I love inspirational quotes and all kinds of positive quotes, and I think I have a new favorite every day.  Here's my quote for today:  Action is the foundational key to all success. -Pablo Picasso

Learn more about Darlene Morales, Allstate Insurance here.