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Small businesses play a critical role in maintaining a thriving local economy. Our Small Business Partners are an important, growing family of donors, who are vital to helping us meet the needs of our community. Every month, we will feature a small business partner in this SPOTLIGHT section of the newsletter. Introducing Sawston Wealth Management. The Sawston team includes Colleen Gillespie, CTFA, AIF, Managing Partner/Financial Advisor, photo upper right, Dana Pethia, photo lower left, and Stacey Belser, photo upper left, is the Office Administrator.

Dana Pethia

United Way: Tell us about your business; and what is your business philosophy?

Sawston Wealth Management assists our clients in reaching their financial goals and creating their own legacies. Sawston Wealth Management was founded on the principles of faith, family, and legacy. 

Named after Sawston Hall, an English Tudor manor, near Cambridge, England, was held by the Huddleston family for nearly 500 years. The Sawston estate became a part of history in 1553 when Mary Tudor (soon to be Mary I of England), fleeing imprisonment by the Duke of Northumberland, spent the night at Sawston Hall. Northumberland’s soldiers followed Mary to Sawston, forcing her to flee the next morning disguised as a dairymaid. As she fled, the soldiers lit the medieval manor on fire, destroying a large portion of the hall.

The Hall was rebuilt by Sir John and Edmund Huddleston between 1557-1584 with the help of a license granted by Queen Mary to use stone from Cambridge Castle. A number of priest holes were included in the building, allowing the Huddleston family to continue their practice of the Catholic faith.

United Way: Why are you passionate about your commitment to United Way of Thurston County?

Our firm and our team members are committed to making a difference through involvement with organizations that work to make our communities a better place to live. The United Way Community Investment Fund does just that. We are honored to give back to our community and a charity that does important work. 

United Way: What is something interesting or surprising that most people don't know about you?

Colleen - "I am the 8th of 10 children, which probably explains my competitive nature!"

United Way: What would your older self say to your younger self?

Dana - "Stop being so overly concerned with what others think - learning to follow my own gut instinct has been invaluable." and "I would encourage my younger self to pursue interests no matter what - to NOT be afraid of failure." 

United Way: What's your favorite quote?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

You can learn more about Sawston Wealth Management here.
You can learn more about the Small Business Partnership here.