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Volunteer Profile: Tom Devine

Tom Devine has volunteered his time at the Thurston County Food Bank since 2008. Judy Jones, manager of the Thurston County Food Bank, said, "Tom Devine plays a unique role that not all volunteers can fill."
Tom is a driver and co-pilot for the food bank. He is one of only eight volunteers in this role as the Grocery Rescue team. These positions are an integral part of the food bank operations. Driver and co-pilot volunteers must possess a very specific skill set. They are the first point of contact in the community with key vendors, which are critical to the food bank's ability to meet the needs of their clients. Large and small grocery stores, as well as distribution centers, are key contributors to the food bank. Grocery Rescue is a significant position as they must uphold the highest level of professionalism, and play a vital role in relationship management. The food bank places a great amount of trust in the volunteers placed in these positions as they represent the food bank at all times and are instrumental in building and sustaining long-term partnerships.
With his connections in the community, the capacity he has built with new vendors has evolved and grown. Tom has been instrumental in building relationships with new vendors like Joint Base Lewis-McChord. His friendly and warm demeanor put people at east and they trust him. His ability to build relationships is effortless and people enjoy working with Tom. The Thurston County Food Bank appreciates his dedication and commitment he brings to his service, not to mention his fantastic smile.