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We know that change is hard. But donating it? Now that's easy.


If you've already signed up for our new change program, you know how simple it was to get started in helping those in need.
But if you haven't signed up yet, what's stopping you?
Did you know, in an average month, just one person's spare change- an average of $35- can make a significant impact to help those in need? That's a BIG impact thanks to your small change. 
A "Round-Up" is the spare change captured from automatically rounding up your transactions to the next dollar. For instance, if you bought a coffee for $2.43 on your connected credit/debit card, we would add 57 cents to your Round Up's page.
As a bonus, for a limited-time, when you sign up, $10 will be donated directly to the United Way of Thurston County.
What are you waiting for?