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Beginning January 1, 2020, riding Intercity Transit, including Dial-a-Lift, within Thurston County will be FREE! What a perfect time to give the bus a try.
Intercity Transit believes that going fare-free is a more just, economical, and efficient option to continuing fare collection. Eliminating fares means that more riders will be able to have access to transit, removing the barrier that fares can present. Eliminating fare collection also means there will be less administration costs associated with fare collection, and it will reduce the delay of dwell times associated with people paying for their rides. You just walk on, sit down, and go.
If you're not sure about riding the bus, give Scott Schoengarth a call at Bus Buddies at 360-688-8832 or email him at, and he'll assign one of our 10 volunteers to escort you and make sure you know what bus to take, when to take it, and everything else you'll need to know. There is no cost for the program.
With winter here, this is an excellent time to ride public transportation in Thurston County. As the weather turns bad, you can plan to take the bus to the store or medical appointments, and not have to worry about driving in the rain and snow. And it's FREE!