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Women United Chair, Debora Albright, Says, "Farewell"

It’s true what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun”.  This past year as Chair of Women United (WU) has been filled with a lot of work and a lot of fun.  Coming into the role of Chair, I was both excited and anxious.  I had purposefully chosen to step outside my comfort zone to help make a difference in an organization I believe in and with women who are committed to making our community a better place.  

My intent was to use my strengths and experiences to drive the strategy and structure surrounding WU.  I was surrounded by a team of amazing individuals on the Executive Committee, Stephanie Stocker (Vice Chair), Janelle Guthrie (Incoming Chair), Martha Wagner (Past Chair), and Randi Nandyal (WU Liaison).  We had open and honest communication focused on keeping WU strong and while setting a strategic vision for the future. 

After attending the Women United Leadership Summit in Cincinnati last fall, it was clear to me the opportunities WU has moving forward.  I saw how other WU organizations were not only supporting programs in their communities, they were identifying issues where they could harness the power of WU to make an impact and move the needle.  Most of you have heard the stories I’ve shared about WU of Greater Milwaukee reducing teen pregnancy and WU of Atlanta working to pass laws against human trafficking. 

We live and work in the capital of our state and it is time to harness our power to make a difference.  The Executive Committee began a dialogue with the Steering Committee and you, our membership, about what opportunities there are and what is possible.  We began to discuss what WU has done in the past, how to keep our history and move in an exciting new direction, and we laid out our plan. 

As the steering committee is progressing from dialogue to action surrounding the future of WU in Thurston County, I couldn’t feel more confident in the leadership team and Stephanie Stocker as the new WU Chair.  Great things are going to happen and I am so grateful to have an opportunity to continue to be involved. 

I want to thank you all for giving me this opportunity and for putting your trust in me to lead WU.  I have learned much.  I have grown much.  And I am forever changed for the better because of WU.  And I hope that WU is better because of my efforts. 

Thank you!