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The 21-Day Equity Challenge

The 21-Day Equity Challenge - A Self-Guided Learning Journey

United Way of Thurston County started a 21-day equity challenge on February 1, 2021, to spark conversation, action and change in our community around issues of race, power, privilege and leadership. Participants will also learn what it takes to go from being an ally to a leader in the fight for equality.

Anyone can sign up to receive the daily email challenge here. Starting Monday, February 1, 2021, those who opt-in will receive a daily email introducing a topic supported by linked articles, videos and sometimes podcasts that dive deeper into that subject. We encourage participants to take their time with these resources, reflect on the questions, and sit with their learning. We also encourage everyone to create groups for community conversations to convene with others participating in the challenge so you can connect, express your thoughts and continue to process your feelings in the community.

Debby Irving and Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. developed the original equity challenge, and the United Way Worldwide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team, curated the content for United Way. United Way of Pierce County further adapted the challenge and made it available to United Way of Thurston County and our community.

Help end racism and build a community in which skin color does not determine a person’s life outcomes. By the end of the challenge, you will have gained an awareness and better understanding of how racism asserts itself in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. What does it take to go from being an ally to a leader in the fight for equity?

What happens during the Challenge?

During the Challenge, you will receive an email each business day introducing a topic supported by links to articles, video, podcasts, and more that dive deeper into the day's topic. We encourage you to take your time with these resources, reflect on the questions, and sit with what you are learning.

What if I can't engage in all the daily emails?

It's great if you are able to do a little bit with each email Monday through Friday. However, we realize that it might be hard to keep it going for the full twenty-one days. The links you receive will stay live so that you can come back later on. You can use the weekends to get caught up and reflect as needed.

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