Emergency Food and Shelter Program

Emergency Food and Shelter Program Grant - Phase 40

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program Grant Phase 40 has been administered.  As soon as Phase 41 is available, we will post information on how agencies can apply.

Non-profit, faith-based or governmental organizations that provide emergency food or shelter are eligible to apply. The intent is to supplement and expand currently available resources for emergency food and shelter in Thurston County. Priority is based on the needs of the community.

United Way of Thurston County is now accepting applications for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) grants.  EFSP are Federal Funds awarded through the Department of Homeland Security.  This program is to provide supplemental assistance to social service agencies providing emergency food and shelter. 

Organizations interested in applying for a portion of the available funds should review the EFSP Manual online for changes to the programs. If your organization has never applied for EFSP funds we strongly recommended to sign up for a one-on-one training. NO additional information will be accepted after submitting the application; late or incomplete applications will be rejected.

People with questions about the application may contact Zach Davis Price at 360-943-2773 ext.115.

Questions about EFSP rules and regulations should be directed to Cathy King, Coordinator at 360-943-2773 ext. 100.