Cornerstone Partner Spotlight on Navigate Financial




















If you've received an email from anyone at United Way of Thurston County (UWTC), you'll notice several logos displayed beneath our own. These organizations are UWTC's Cornerstone Partners.

Cornerstone Partners are central to our success, providing foundational financial support for our organization, as well as important leadership on our board and other committees, insight on community issues, and thousands of volunteers who volunteer their time and their talents. 

Cornerstone Partners work every day to deliver the highest service to our community. We are grateful for the dedication of our Cornerstone Partners as we work together to achieve our mission of mobilizing the caring power of the community to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Thurston County. 

Below is a spotlight on one of our Cornerstone Partners, Navigate Financial.

United Way of Thurston County: What is something interesting or surprising that most people don’t know about your organization?

Navigate Financial: The team of Nancy and Tammy has a history of over 20 years. We started at Prudential, then spent time at MetLife. We found our real home as an independent financial planning firm associated with Commonwealth Financial Network. Once we established Navigate Financial, we have grown in our offering and as a firm.  Nancy is committed to increase the ranks of females and others who are underrepresented in this profession. 

Presently we have two advisors, and 5 staff members, including two virtual paraplanners. The majority of our staff is female, and both current advisors are female.  We are currently seeking to hire another advisor and will hire the best qualified application that fits in our firm culture and shares our mission and philosophy. We strive to broadcast our positions to all areas of our community and profession. 

United Way of Thurston County: Is giving back to the community part of your organization’s mission? 

Navigate Financial: Our affirmation includes praise to our clients for being strong stewards of their funds and of their community. We engage to model and support holistic community driven action in one’s lives.

We set a goal annually to participate hands on and financially in our community. United Way, based on its infrastructure, board strength and capacity to touch so many lives receives the majority of our funds and is the conduit via its Cornerstone program for us to be hand on with non -profits in the area, such as the Kiwanis Garden, Food bank and the Family Education and Support Center. Covid has had an impact on our involvement, yet we have been able to physically participate with the cooperation of local nonprofits. 

We are seeking to be part of a hands-on project this fall and are working with United Way to explore opportunities. Our staff is also encouraged to bring giving and work opportunities to the firm’s founder, so far this year staff is responsible for our firm contributing to Ukraine relief fund, and an Eagle scout project. 

United Way of Thurston County: How does your organization engage employees in serving the community?

Navigate Financial: We engage not only employees, we make opportunities for our clients to participate. We have with client’s pack food baskets for the Food Bank, garden with the Olympia Kiwanis team, and build homes with Habitat for Humanity. 

We share via our newsletter, Facebook, and in conversations within ourselves and our clients, chances and means to engage voluntarily.  We promote the RSVP program the United Way runs to help our clients become engaged. We have many clients retired or still working that have become volunteers in the community by the introductions and encouragement we have given. I know of at least 4 clients who with our introductions have become Rotarians in this area.  The staff is encouraged to consider service clubs engagement and boards. As a firm we are involved in three boards and three service organizations. 

At staff meetings we share ways to be involved with each other and when timely, share fundraising events such as the Next Right Step Rhythm of Summer event.  We had three clients join us in supporting this worthy cause.