Cornerstone Partner Spotlight: WSECU















If you've received an email from anyone at United Way of Thurston County (UWTC), you'll notice several logos displayed beneath our own. These organizations are UWTC's Cornerstone Partners.

Cornerstone Partners are central to our success, providing foundational support for our organization, as well as important leadership on our board and other committees, insight on community issues, thousands of volunteers who take a hands-on role in getting things done, and the financial resources to make progress on health, education, and financial stability in Thurston County.

Our Cornerstone Partners are among our most engaged supporters; they participate in the community at United Way volunteer opportunities, and they are active and engaged in helping us achieve our goals in Thurston County.

Cornerstone Partners work every day to deliver the highest service to our community. We thank them for their dedication to helping us achieve our mission of fighting for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community.

Below is a spotlight on one of our Cornerstone Partners, WSECU.

United Way of Thurston County: What is something interesting or surprising that most people don’t know about WSECU?

WSECU: We want to inspire our team to give back to the communities we serve in ways that follow their passions. In addition to the giving we do as an organization, we started a program called Up to Some Good that provides $100 for every employee to donate or give back as they are inspired to do so. Some of our team members use this to make donations to their favorite organizations, while others have purchased a meal for an exhausted health service provider or groceries for a family in need. We want this mindset of helping the community by giving back to be second nature for our team, and it is always such a natural fit for our compassionate employees.

United Way of Thurston County: Is giving back to the community part of WSECU’s mission?

WSECU: Giving back is a huge part of who we are and what we do at WSECU. Our members and the communities we serve are the reason we exist, so we want to do what we can to help them thrive. Our three pillars of giving – education, self-sufficiency and public employees and assets – drive how we engage in giving back. We’re proud to donate 4% of our net income to the community through donations supporting our giving pillars each year.

United Way of Thurston County: How does WSECU engage employees in serving the community?

WSECU: First, we believe that supporting our members’ financial well-being and providing the products and services that help them achieve their goals is a way to serve the greater community and contribute to its stability. We also encourage our team to give back through volunteering and offer all full-time employees 8 hours of paid volunteer time. Volunteerism is a big part of our vocabulary. We make sure we celebrate employees who are giving back, highlight their Up to Some Good stories and consistently share volunteer opportunities alongside discussing our overall donations to the community. We feel this is a way to lead by example and reinforce the values we strive to uphold.

United Way of Thurston County: Thank you, WSECU!

Learn more about WSECU here.