United Way and Rochester School District: Empowering Children and Families Together

Rochester School District student

The partnership between United Way and the Rochester School District stands as a testament to the collective commitment to ensuring a better future for children and families in Thurston County. Together, they continue to foster an environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive, succeed, and build a brighter tomorrow.

We recently sat down and spoke with Joey K. Easley, Interventionist at Rochester Primary & Grand Mound Elementary about Rochester School District's partnership with United Way of Thurston County. Our conversation is below. Enjoy!

United Way of Thurston County: What are some ways United Way of Thurston County has partnered with the Rochester School District and community to make it a better place for kids and families? 

Joey: United Way supports not only the Rochester School District but the community. United Way provided funding (COVID-19, federal CARES and/or ARPA funds administered by UWTC) which supports ROOF (Rochester Organization of Families) and the Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County. 

ROOF provides resources and services for children and families, including after-school programs, food, clothing, housing, health care, and other emergency services. 

The Boys and Girls Club in Rochester offers students a safe environment after school hours to excel in school and lead healthy and productive lives. We are proud of our partnership with United Way and its positive impact on the students and families in our community. 

United Way of Thurston County: How does the Rochester School District run a successful campaign in partnership with United Way? 

Joey: Over the last several years, Rochester School District has partnered with United Way of Thurston County to run several successful campaigns. One of the most significant reasons for our campaigns' success is the United Way team's willingness to go above and beyond. They are always willing to work in collaboration with me and the staff. The most essential part for our members is to be there and present, working collaboratively. Our United Way representatives have always been willing to travel to our building, speaking to staff in person. That personal touch is what makes all the difference! They are flexible, willing to travel and work around our schedules. Effective communication is also a key factor! Our United Way representatives can answer our members' questions on time. 

United Way of Thurston County: How do you see the future of your campaigns and the success as you continue to partner with the United Way? 

Joey: I foresee us only growing in our alliance with the United Way as they continue to support students and families in our community. Their positive impact has a ripple effect on our kids and community. 

Interested in a United Way of Thurston County Workplace Campaign? Contact Renee Hunsaker here.

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