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Vaccination Clinic Volunteer FAQs

If I volunteered, can I get vaccinated?

Vaccine clinic volunteers are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine under the Washington State Department of Health’s phase guidance as Phase 1A health care workers, as they are patient-facing and helping facilitate medical clinics. While a vaccine is not an incentive to volunteer for vaccination clinics, Thurston County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) is very grateful to volunteers and does its best to vaccinate them as vaccination allocations permit.

How do I indicate that I am interested in being vaccinated?

When you sign in at a clinic event, please let the United Way of Thurston County staff checking you in know that you are interested in receiving a vaccination. Please make sure your phone number is included with your sign-in information.

Will I be vaccinated on the day I volunteer? If not, how will I be notified that a vaccine is available?

Frequently vaccinators can extract additional doses from the COVID-19 vaccine vials, which has been PHSS’s primary means of vaccinating volunteers while protecting allocated patient doses at clinics. You may have the opportunity to be vaccinated at the very end of a clinic after all patients have received their doses, but there is no guarantee PHSS can make that happen. Volunteers also have the option of registering for an available vaccine appointment at any open clinic. Please visit to search for an available vaccine appointment.

Is my family eligible if I volunteered?

Family members of volunteers are not granted eligibility if they are out of phase for a vaccine. 

Where can people sign up to volunteer for future vaccination clinics?

People who are interested in volunteering for future vaccination clinics can sign up to be notified of opportunities on United Way of Thurston County’s website:

How do I schedule my second vaccine appointment?

If you recently got vaccinated at a PHSS clinic, PHSS will email you a registration link to schedule your second dose appointment approximately 2-4 days before the second dose clinic. Please do not share your appointment link with anyone else, as it is unique to you. 

Second doses of Moderna will be four weeks from the date of your first shot. Second doses of Pfizer will be three weeks from the date of your first shot. You will receive your second dose at the same location you received your first dose.

If you do not have an email account, someone will call you to make an appointment.

You can call PHSS at 360-867-2610 if you are unable to locate your email registration to confirm your second dose appointment date and time.

What happens to “extra” vaccine doses at the end of a clinic?

PHSS follows vaccine guidance from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to ensure equitable vaccine distribution in Thurston County.

●       PHSS only vaccinates people eligible in phase. End of day doses, if available, are limited and only offered to people who qualify per DOH phase criteria. PHSS utilizes waiting lists from individual clinic registration to fill open slots for extra doses at the end of the day. Any COVID-19 doses remaining at the end of a clinic day are offered only to eligible people in phase. 

●       PHSS is committed to not letting a single vaccine dose go to waste and has implemented plans to ensure this does not happen. Alternatively, PHSS may also save unused vaccine doses for an upcoming vaccine clinic. 

●       Unlike some other clinics you may have seen, PHSS does not do a “free for all” at the end of the day and will only vaccinate people who are eligible under the current DOH vaccine phase guidelines. 

●       Residents who are not currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine should not show up to these clinics, as there will not be “extra” doses administered to the general public.